A Moment Unbound: Adventures through Time

Ella and the booksprites are at it again! Join Ella as she travels in time from present day Bell's Books to 1933 Palo Alto where she encounters rumrunners, dirigibles and ballroom dancing. And sharks. Sharks get a cameo. 

We are filming the weekend of July 28 at the Midpen Media Center for an air date this fall.

Read for a role in the series 
Dance your way to stardom

Action and adventure await!

Open casting, all ethnicities, abilities, ages and genders are encouraged to participate. Book sprite and  speaking roles available.

Enthusiasm may get you written in.  

You are invited to break out your speak-easiest, most dapper, flappery finery to join in the fun on camera for the big dance scene. 

Auditions are located at-
Cubberley Community Center, studio E-5
4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

2-5 pm Sun July 8 

Call 773-627-6038 or email Lessa
at lessabouchard@gmail.com
to reserve a 1/2 hour spot during that time.

Get involved and leave your mark on history!

All participants will be compensated meals and a minimum stipend of $25/day for non-speaking roles. Compensation for speaking/action roles varies depending on time- contracts arranged individually. 

Alexander Glass: 40+, Ella's older brother
Henry Fontaine: Dance Instructor
Mr. and Mrs. O'Connor: Farmers,  40+
Larry Taylor: Farm foreman, Rumrunner, Villain!  20's/30's 
Anna Everett: late teens/20's, dances
James Chance: Farmworker, learns to dance, likes Anna
Student dancers: youth/teens 
Tea Dancers: All ages-  tango, foxtrot, lindy hop. 
Rumrunners: Must comfortable with getting on the ground, acting like a tough person, and have ability to meet with fight director 
Lieutenant Ted Simmons- USS Macon Dirigible crew
Police Officer- 20+

Some characters will be filming on location at Bell's Books- schedule tba. Kathleen Qiu is our costumer. Megan Stevens- Montanti is our fearless production designer, and Andrew Chen will be our studio tech. Nance Wheeler, producer and director of SVOS TalkArt, will lead the directing team at the Midpen Media Center, with assistance from associate producer and field director,  Jasmine Greer.  Floor Director is Mei Lin Fung. Youth crew led by Ori Gal, Michael and James Kim. 

Thank you to everyone that has nurtured and kept this project (and by project we mean allofus/eachother) alive.