While researching A Moment Unbound, the play, we have had many conversations about the themes of what we hold onto, let go, books, loss, history, ephemerality and liveness. The analog, the digital, augmentation, technology- basically life, the universe and everything! 

These conversations have been so interesting and compelling to us, we have been accruing a bank of interviews with people from a variety of backgrounds to give their perspective. 

Some of the interviews include information and computer scientists, librarians, archivists, book artists, animators, musicians and local shop keepers.  Also people visiting the Library of Congress, the Internet Archive, people from all walks of life- booksellers, food service and hospitality, theatre artists, community activists, import/export retailers, local business advocates, antique dealers.... 


A Moment with Faith and Valeria Bell, proprietors Bell's Books in Palo Alto. This documentary was an early inspiration for the development of A Moment Unbound. 

Dramaturgy, Meet My Friend Documentary....

A Moment with Andy Hertzfeld, Inventor, Computer Scientist and author of Revolution in the Valley: the Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made.

A Moment with Thomas Mann, author of the Oxford Guide to Library Research, 4th edition, giving his perspective on the analog v. the digital. 

A Moment with Ahmet Iyigulseven, Turkish rug merchant and restorer on University Ave in Palo Alto - and the perennial pitch to sell you a rug. Each one has a story. 

A Moment with Ben Burgess, animator, who shared some of his experience working on the first computer animated Disney film, The Black Cauldron.