We're very grateful for our supporters and partners, past and present. Organizations listed have provided material and dramaturgical support or hosted events in the creation of new work and celebrating diverse voices in the community- any specific views represented on this site do not necessarily reflect those of the organizations listed. 

Thanks to everyone who has contributed stories and inspiration for our adventure- particularly to our drop in writing participants, particularly to Beth Bunnenberg, Patty McEwen and Steve Staiger and the Palo Alto Historical Association for their insight and guidance. 

Thank you to:


​Palo Alto Historical Association 

Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce

Cubberley Artists Studio Program, City of Palo Alto

Dragon Productions Theater Company

Friends of the Palo Alto Library

The City of Palo Alto Public Library

Midpeninsula Media Center

foolsFURY Theater Company

Bell's Books


Pear Theatre

The California Historical Society 

College Art Association

The Library of Congress (on principle and for kindly issuing me a card, giving me a permission slip to interview Thomas Mann, author of the Oxford Guide to Library Research, 4th edition,  take pics and explaining just why people cannot photograph the scholars in the beautiful Jefferson room- thank you bottom line last defenders of intellectual privacy)

The Internet Archive

SVOS TalkArt

to John King Books in Detroit- for teaching me how to put out free books and collecting us bookurchins off the streets- "They're not on-line, they are ON SHELVES." 

A Moment Unbound: Adventures through Time

A Moment Unbound: Adventures Through Time is a scifi webseries and local cable access TV show set at Bell’s Books in Palo Alto. Ella and Alexander Glass (played by Lessa Bouchard and Alex Hernandez) take us to 1933 Palo Alto, where they dance their way through adventures with bootleggers (Steve Wilson as Larry Taylor) and the crew of the USS Macon.

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