Book of Emily (Part 1) 

Written and performed by Emily Scott

Directed by Lessa Bouchard

Emily’s life flashing before your eyes. A coming of age story turned on it’s head. A collection of monologues performed ecstatically by the writer herself. Telling the truth, Emily leads us back to simpler times, like 2003. A pop-culturist of Palo Alto and California cool - the references may make you want to sing along to the Spice Girls, or, like, something. 

An excerpt from Emily's  show, "A Middleschool List," was featured as part of Archive Mixed Media's Dragonfruit event last November- join us to see the larger work.

Friday, May 5, 2017

7:30p at the Dragon Theatre in downtown Redwood City

Doors open at 7p

$5-$10 donation, cash only at the door.

There will be one 10 min intermission.

Concessions will be available for purchase to enjoy during the show.

SVOS Recycled Papermaking Demo
This free annual event offers a rare chance to peek into artist studios all over the area. Visitors get to chat with the artists about their process and see what they're working on.  Silicon Valley Open Studios features artists working in a variety of media, in group and individual studios. It's a lot of fun for both visitors and participants. Open Studios hours are 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Lessa demonstrated junkmail paper making at her studios at 1 p.m. on May 14 and 15. She demonstrated how you can recycle junk mail and turn it into beautiful papers and journals. Soon these will be available for purchase in the Palo Alto Art Center Gift Shop.

1 p.m. Sat. & Sun., May 14 & 15, 2016
Cubberley Community Center, Studio E-5 and demo in F-8
4000 Middlefield Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

February, 2014 

foolsFury Theater's Factory Parts presents Arc:Hive's A Moment (Un)Bound at Nohspace in SF
A bit more with Lessa Bouchard as Ella /Jump, Susie Danzig-Lucy /Vertigo

Congratulations to Linda Gass and the Los Altos History Museum's Shaped by Water Committee for receiving this award from the 2017 Tuolumne River Film Festival for their impactful work.

Shaped by Water, an exhibit created  at the Los Altos History Museum in 2011, has continued to educate and inspire thousands about the importance of water and protecting our fragile watershed. 

RAW: Natural Born Artists Showcase, San Jose
8 p.m.-midnight, Wednesday, August 26
389 S. 1st St.
San Jose, CA

Enjoy an evening immersed in some o.f the hottest dance, music, film, performance, fashion and visual art San Jose has to offer.

 Another BookSprite appearance, and Lessa Bouchard, Richard Newton share new digital collage and paintings

Pantea Karimi, CASP Artist featured on Talk Art in 2016- Art in Medieval Science

Silicon Valley Open Studios continues its award winning series Talk Art at the Midpeninsula Media Center. A number of CASP artists, past and present, have been featured including Pantea Karimi, Julie Nelson Gal, Colleen Sullivan, Lessa Bouchard, and Daniele Archambault.  The episode that featured Lessa and Archive Mixed Media's work won a 2018 WAVE award from the Alliance for Community Media. 

Writing to Remember

Leave a legacy. Share your story.

Write stories of love, labor, and leisure based on an image or photograph from your past. A 6 week series with Lessa Bouchard and Mary Gallagher. 

Jun/July 2017

JuMP into a Good Book
Pacific Art League First Friday
5:30-8 p.m., Friday, Nov. 6
668 Ramona St., Palo Alto
JuMP the Book Sprite will redistribute resources (hand out free books) at the Pacific Art League! Enjoy the art, wine and cheese, a free book & participate in our book chorus. Thanks to Friends of the Palo Alto Library  for content support and to the Menlo Park Friends of the Library for the Wednesday morning free books program.  Each of these organizations offers bookshops at the local libraries, as well as regular book sales. All proceeds support our library systems.

A Moment With Animator Ben Burgess

Ben Burgess has worked with Disney (Mickey's Christmas Carol- 1983) and Don Bluth (The Land Before Time, Thumbelina). He also worked on the Westwood Studios game version of Bladerunner. Lessa led a discussion with him Saturday,  July 23 about his experience with digital and traditional cel animation.  Ben screened some of his work, offering his unique perspective on how animation has changed from the 1980's to the present. ​FREE, ALL AGES.
Sat. July 23, 2016,  11am ​
Cubberley Community Center 
4000 Middlefield Road (U-7)
Palo Alto CA 94303​​​

Past events...

Open Door Writing Practice 

CASP Art Lab 

4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto  

Studio U7

May 6 & 13, 2017 Sat 9:30-10:30 am

March & April Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm

You, a candle, a primrose and some quiet time to write. Timed writing practice (ten minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes) in response to a given word or phrase. Accessible space, All ages welcome. FREE.

From Greg Kimura, who sounds a lot like Julia Cameron, who sounds a lot like Natalie Goldberg, who sounds a lot like.... ,  "You can write something in ten minutes,” he says, “and whether it’s good or bad– it doesn’t matter. The point is to engage the creative process. Trying to write ‘something good’ just gets in the way."

April 2014 

foolsFury Factory Parts presents Act 1 of A Moment  Unbound at the ACT Costume shop in SF with Lessa Bouchard, Susie Danzig and Bill Olson.*

July 24, 25 & 27, 2013
foolsFury Theater's Factory Parts presents Arc:Hive's A Moment (Un)Bound at Nohspace in SF
The first few scenes with Lessa Bouchard- Ella White/Jump, Susie Danzig-Lucy Falls/Vertigo, Evan Michael Schumacher-Thomas Mann, Joyce McClure-a Friend of the Library

 Earth/Heart design - Concept: Herb Moore, Illustration: Richard Sachs 

Jan. 20, 2016: Calling all playwrights for a script-writing hangout
Join Arc:Hive artist Lessa Bouchard in her studio for an evening of creativity.  Lessa explores issues of memory, place and identity through performance, writing and video installation. She has an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago and a BFA in Theatre from the University of Detroit Mercy, and has produced, directed, taught and performed for various theatres and cultural institutions in the Midwest and Bay Area.  Contact Lessa for more information.

Mixed Media

Ahoy! A Scripting Brainstorm
2-4 p.m., Sunday, August 16
Midpeninsula Media Center 
900 San Antonio Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303-4917
All Ages 

You can get in on the fun! The book sprites and YOU will be brainstorming a new Arc:Hive web series based on the stuff found in books. Bring any favorite bits of your own and an open creative spirit as we pick through letters, photos, bookmarks and clippings that have been left behind in books to generate a new community arts project to be shot at Bell's Books this fall. ​

We'll be write with you... teehee!

December 2013

By Mainly Unexpected Means

The Meridian Gallery SF

"Read at Whim" Lessa and Susie lead the gallery audience through an exploration of ephemera left behind in discarded books,  a reflection on what they hold onto and what they let go, followed by an interactive book chorus reminiscent of work by Allison Knowles and John Cage. 

Lessa and Ben Burgess met at NAB while learning about NASA visualizations.

Dragonfruit: Thin Spaces of the Heart
A reading of uncanny, whimsical and heartfelt poems, scenes, and short stories from local writers including Herb Moore, Richard Newton, Greg Kimura, Edna Shochat, Dada Nabhaniilananda, Alma Love, Fanya S. Montalvo, Kevin Sharp, Kathy Boussina, Taun Relihan, Dante Drummond, Diana O'Keefe Brady, Emily Scott and Lessa Bouchard. 

Monday, Nov 14, 2016 
Dragon Theatre
2120 Broadway Street
Redwood City, CA 94063

 "What do we hold onto? What do we let go of? Arc:Hive and A Moment (Un)Bound."
Thursday, June 4, 6:30 PM​
California Historical Society
678 Mission Street
San Francisco CA 94105

California Historical Society Members: $5
General Admission: $10

A performance and talk about the creation of Arc:Hive's A Moment (Un)Bound.  Arc:Hivist and performer Lessa Bouchard spoke with Debórah Eliezer of foolsFURY and Janette Herceg from Friends of the Palo Alto Library about the development of this collaboratively written show about books, media, what we hold onto and what we let go of.  All proceeds support the artists and the California Historical Society.

On the series:

The California Historical Society proudly presents Historic Techniques, a new program series bringing California artists, playwrights, photographers and scientists to share their projects and illuminate the connections between history, art, and science. Each month speakers will join in conversation with a colleague - a fellow artist, historian, or curator - who will ask pertinent questions and respond to both the speaker’s presentation and their body of work.  Interdisciplinary artist Lessa Bouchard presents about the process of creating the ensemble written play A Moment (Un)Bound. This play explores the tension between the analog and digital, our desire to remember, to preserve, share and protect the artifacts of the past and the need to experience things firsthand, for ourselves, in the present.

Debórah Eliezer (Co-Artistic Director of foolsFURY, Performer, Coach) has been working with the company since 2000 and a member of foolsFURY since 2005. She previously held the position of Education Director. Debórah developed the BRIDGE apprenticeship program, directs the internship program and is passionate about training youth as to be the artists and audiences of tomorrow.

Janette Herceg is a native Palo Alton, with over 20 years' experience in Community Services for the City of Palo Alto- she recently retired as Volunteer Coordinator for the Palo Alto Art Center. A mixed media and jeweler artist with a love of community organizing, neuroscience and a bit of a bibliophile, she's currently holding the position of Sr. Manager of Volunteers & Sales for the Friends of the Palo Alto Library. Her hobbies include women’s volleyball/ Senior Games, inline skating, cooking, reading, traveling, cycling, sewing, gardening and meet-up organizer.

A Moment (Un)Bound: A New Work by Local Artists Closes Out the Inaugural 2nd Stages Season

This article from the Bay Area Library and Information Network talks about A Moment (Un)Bound's production at the Dragon Theatre in Redwood City. Here's how the article describes our show (we love this): "It’s like Harry Potter meets the X-Files. Or Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children meets The Mysterious Benedict Society, with a dash of Jonathan Strange…. It has magical creatures. It has masks. It gets people talking about books and technology and family secrets. But most of all it’s a unique theatre experience devised by local Bay Area artists and is unlike anything else that you’ve seen at the Dragon Theatre – it’s the kind of theatrical event that the 2nd Stages program was designed for!"  Sept. 3, 2014

 A Moment (Un)Bound at Dragon Theatre